Thank you.

I started writing this blog as an outlet but with this glimmer of a dream of what it could build to become. There was a time when I needed all the support and I couldn’t fathom being able to pour into anyone else because my cup had just been dipped into too many times to have anything left to give. The thing that started filling my cup, ironically, was talking about what I had learned through it. I gave tidbits of information to my teammates, offered advice when asked to my peers, shared little nuggets with my kids on areas that could apply to them. I knew I would come out of that valley and sharing the lessons I had learned (and continue to learn) with others helped me to climb out. I didn’t realize at the time how much of a twofold lesson and blessing it would be to share, listen, learn, collaborate with everyone in my life on a holistic level.

That is when I started the blog. If there was this much to be gleaned from my small circle in rural Wisconsin, how much more could be shared and learned on a larger scale? As I started to share, I was very nervous. What if this didn’t translate beyond my little town and experience? What if it wasn’t useful and everyone already knew that what you learn in one setting (work, home, family, etc) could be applied to every other setting? Then I thought, if it just helps one person from feeling what I felt, that is enough and whoa has it been more than one. You all have come out in full force and I love that.

I’m not looking for likes and views, I mean, I watch the stats to try and write on topics that people are reading about, liking, and commenting on, but this is not a vanity project. I feel called to share this leadership journey with the world so that anyone who is in a similar valley won’t have to feel as alone. They won’t have to fight so hard to learn the lessons, to prove their worth, to develop skills while not getting the traditional support they expected. Based on watching and asking, the blog has grown. It went from a post every month or so to weekly posts on requested topics, to include regular emails, and supportive resources and tools. With your help and support we’ve been able to support people in their reflection, objectivity, and action to lead their families, communities, teams, and anything else they can think of.

So I want to thank you. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart for going along with me on this journey. If you are reading along and learning from or maybe just enjoying reading about my missteps, I want to invite you to take a step you maybe haven’t yet, join the list. Every week I send content that either compliments the blog post that week or speaks to another relevant topic we’ve learned about. There are also totally free offers and invitations to take part in. Click here to go to choose a way to enter the list that will get you a quick win right off the bat. Looking for a tool to manage stress? A resource on growing personally? Or maybe professional growth is your hot topic? If you’re not finding a resource that works for you, please reach out and let me know what you’re needing. Like I said, the goal here is to support you, so if there is a gap I want to know about it.

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