Should I Change Jobs?

Almost all of us have wondered from time to time if we’re in the right position for us. We’ve considered looking for more of a challenge, more earning potential, or looked at switching industries all together. There can be some anxiety around those thoughts or decisions but for the most part it is an excitingContinue reading “Should I Change Jobs?”

Under Construction

If you ever have the opportunity to build your own home I highly encourage it. I am currently in the process of building our third, and final, home (fourth actually if you include that my parents built ours when I was kid). It is an amazing process to start from nothing but a plot ofContinue reading “Under Construction”

Where Will I be in 5 Years?

In every job interview and in every performance appraisal I have been asked one question consistently. There is some variation of it but by and large it is the same. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years. I can remember back to when I was trying for a promotion that, at the time, IContinue reading “Where Will I be in 5 Years?”