Leading Without Expertise

Have you ever tried to be the expert at something? Have you put in the hours to learn the craft, the effort to truly understand and improve, and risk your ego by either competing or reaching out for help to bring you beyond where you can go on your own? It takes a lot toContinue reading “Leading Without Expertise”

How to Utilize an Assessment?

There are personality assessments, leadership assessments, organizational assessments, engagement assessments, the list goes on and on. How many have you taken over the years? Did you utilize the results? Did your company teach you how to utilize those results? Did you do it right? That last one sounds odd right. I mean, these are assessments,Continue reading “How to Utilize an Assessment?”

Value Hierarchy Wrap-Up

I was in a really hard place, feeling like I wasn’t valued at all within my company, when I finally thought all the way through how organizations show value in their employees, as I briefly explain in The Value Hierarchy. As painful and frustrating as that time was, it helped me to grow. It helpedContinue reading “Value Hierarchy Wrap-Up”


Having influence is your ability to impact how someone else behaves or believes. As we talked before in Do you want influence or control, we are influencing people all the time. In the context of the company or organization showing value for your influence it would, like other topics, involve their support of your influenceContinue reading “Influence”


Being autonomous means that you’re making decisions for yourself. Everyone should have some amount of autonomy in their work, free from micromanagement, so I’d like us to think of the definition one step further. The definition that I gravitate toward is, the capacity to act in accordance with objective morality rather than being influenced. IfContinue reading “Autonomy”


Development is the middle of the hierarchy. Compensation and Status lead up to it and autonomy and influence can follow for those who’s organization puts a great deal of value in them. As I’ve noted in prior posts, development can be found in any place and in any form, however for this context how aContinue reading “Development”


Status within an organization is essentially how ‘important’ you appear to be within the group. Your status is increased most frequently through title changes. For example, going from a Service Representative I to a Service Representative II or from a Junior Associate to an Associate to a Senior Associate. Usually these changes are accompanied byContinue reading “Status”

The Value Hierarchy

Have you ever been in a position at work where you thought to yourself, what am I even doing here? No one seems to care what I think or what I’m contributing. No one seems to notice anything that I do unless there is a ball that I have dropped. No one is sharing allContinue reading “The Value Hierarchy”