Wisconsin Nice

Have you ever heard of Wisconsin Nice? See also, Minnesota Nice and Midwest Nice. Have you heard of these concepts? I hadn’t until I started to meet vendors and business partners from around the country. They would walk into the building, introduce themselves, and before we would even get to the conference room for theContinue reading “Wisconsin Nice”

Make Negative Feedback a Positive Experience

I love a good fail. There is so much learning that comes out of a mistake and so many opportunities on the other side of it, how could you not love them? I mean, it is just a little more fun being on the leader side of it. It is amazing to work with peopleContinue reading “Make Negative Feedback a Positive Experience”

Do I Talk Too Much?

In a friend of mine’s house there is a sign that says, “Sorry I slapped you. I thought you’d never stop talking and I panicked.” It is displayed with pride in a spot that you would walk by many times if you lived in, or visited, their house. The sign was a gift to herContinue reading “Do I Talk Too Much?”