Do the Hard Things

I ran approximately 14 miles. I have never before run that distance and prior to deciding I would, the farthest I’d run was about 7.5. To be honest even that was a while ago; once in the last 5 years I ran 5, and sort of by accident. In fact, I wouldn’t have called myselfContinue reading “Do the Hard Things”

Somewhere in the Middle

Have you ever gotten in your car and chosen a direction rather than a destination? Taken a few days off or maybe even a week and just said, I’m going West, rather than, I’m spending a few days in the Black Hills. You just drive knowing your direction and see how far it takes you.Continue reading “Somewhere in the Middle”

When Is Enough, Enough?

I was talking with a friend recently when he asked me, when is enough, enough. He wasn’t asking in the exasperated sense; he wasn’t fed up with anything. He was thinking about how you push for more, get bigger and better goals when you’ve already accomplished everything you set out to do. If you setContinue reading “When Is Enough, Enough?”

Plans, Goals, and Why I Hated Them

I’m not much of a planner. I am the woman who took her three kids under the age of 6 to the beach without a diaper bag. I mean I have gone a lot of places without one but that was probably the worst. For the better part of year one with baby #1 IContinue reading “Plans, Goals, and Why I Hated Them”