Do You Go Hard on the Plan or Try Once?

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to do something one time? To just do something once feels nearly impossible. Let’s talk through a couple examples. Could you try just once to eat anchovies? I know, I know, they are these gross little fish that TV and movies have basically made the most disgustingContinue reading “Do You Go Hard on the Plan or Try Once?”

Making the Right Decision

When it comes to my kids, I tell them just like I see it. I don’t sugar coat or lie about things they want to do. I don’t bubble wrap them or take a bunch of precautions to keep them from getting hurt. I just don’t, and never have. When they were crawling down steps,Continue reading “Making the Right Decision”

Defining the Relationship

I have often said that being married is nothing like living together. I have literally never heard another person who agrees with me so I’m not surprised when people hear that and respond with a confused, ‘why?’ My answer is always the same, the fights are better when you’re married (and I don’t mean theContinue reading “Defining the Relationship”

When Is Enough, Enough?

I was talking with a friend recently when he asked me, when is enough, enough. He wasn’t asking in the exasperated sense; he wasn’t fed up with anything. He was thinking about how you push for more, get bigger and better goals when you’ve already accomplished everything you set out to do. If you setContinue reading “When Is Enough, Enough?”