Using the Why to Drive Solutions

I think I’ve mentioned this a time or two, or maybe in every post, but I have three kids all little dudes and they have a lot of similarities but are very different. I love them fiercely and part of that is encouraging them to follow their passions, build on the skills they have, andContinue reading “Using the Why to Drive Solutions”

I ‘Just’ Add Value

Have you ever thought about the value you bring to a situation or a task? I’m not talking about your value or worth as a person (that is unquestionable) but what you do, or how you do what you do, that increases the value of it? This is something I aim to instill in myContinue reading “I ‘Just’ Add Value”

Turning it Off and On

I have been a workaholic for nearly 20 years. It is very easy for me to spend countless hours lost in a project or answering emails or refining that last bit of a presentation. Even as a kid with my first jobs I would hurriedly rush around looking for something fill, wipe, straighten, etc. IfContinue reading “Turning it Off and On”