Mom Development: Boosting Your Parenting Resume

Being a mom is so very challenging. We wear all of the hats from playmate to maintenance, activity director to prison warden and all of the things in between. We have to learn what our kids want and need and how to best help them interact with others and the world around them in general.Continue reading “Mom Development: Boosting Your Parenting Resume”

Giving Feedback to Kids

When I consider how to raise my kids I remind myself that, I’m not raising kids, I’m raising adults. Now that can really make me sound like a curmudgeon so bare with me. If you’ve been following along for any amount of time you know that I believe whole heartedly in kids being kids andContinue reading “Giving Feedback to Kids”

Using the Why to Drive Solutions

I think I’ve mentioned this a time or two, or maybe in every post, but I have three kids all little dudes and they have a lot of similarities but are very different. I love them fiercely and part of that is encouraging them to follow their passions, build on the skills they have, andContinue reading “Using the Why to Drive Solutions”

Make a Bigger Circle

How frequently do you play farm? No, just me? Ok well then allow me to let you in on this riveting game that is played in my house at least once a day every single day of the week. Playing farm is when you drag out every single truck, trailer, tractor, combine, grain bin, silo,Continue reading “Make a Bigger Circle”

Questioning Everything

I’ve never been one who followed blindly. Happy to follow in situations that warrant it but to design your life around a known construct without questioning it, well that’s just not me. Basically I never really grew out of that annoying toddler phase where they just ask why, what, or how 3654 times a day.Continue reading “Questioning Everything”

Replace Me

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a song that struck my attention. I’m not sure why, it was your typical country song talking about loss in a relationship. Perhaps it was the upbeat forewarning of the loss that struck me. It is a “feel good” song telling the next guyContinue reading “Replace Me”