Reflection Before Action in Goal Setting

This week is a great week. I know some people take this week off and since having kids I do take one day during the week to hang with them but for the most part I work, and I love it. I spend time considering all that has been achieved this year by my team,Continue reading “Reflection Before Action in Goal Setting”

Can I Learn to be Positive?

How do you approach a problem or a challenging situation? Are you one that takes a problem on head on looking for the means of turning it around? Or do things seem to swallow you up when you’re faced with adversity or trials? Maybe neither of those quite fit and you’re somewhere in the middle.Continue reading “Can I Learn to be Positive?”

3 Steps to Set Your Boundaries

Are you a person who is able to say no to joining all the things but eats or drinks like you’ll never see food again? Maybe you have great limits around your health but you allow people to remain in your life that are sucking out everything that you have to give. Or maybe youContinue reading “3 Steps to Set Your Boundaries”

From Worried to Wonderful

I had someone ask me recently how she could know where she was going. Because I like alliterations we’ll call her Worried Wanda. Wanda was just told by her manager that her role was changing (albeit slightly, it felt like a huge change to her) and she wanted to know what that meant for theContinue reading “From Worried to Wonderful”

Staying Centered in a Crazy World

Recently I find myself in a position of feeling incredibly calm in a time when the world around me seems to be moving a hundred miles a minute. It is not that things are wrong or that something terrible happened there is just a lot happening that leaves us all worn out at the endContinue reading “Staying Centered in a Crazy World”