Building a Life of Abundance

When I was a kid I thought we were well off. As a real young kid, like 4 and under probably, my dad was able to stay home with us. My mom worked but was always around in the summer. We got to go camping and to visit family. As I got a little olderContinue reading “Building a Life of Abundance”

Shifting to an Attitude of Gratitude

What does it mean to have an attitude of gratitude? To live life thankfully and humbly? These catch phrases pop up frequently this time of year on social media, on mugs, and fire place mantels all over the country. But what does it mean? It has to be more than a gratitude practice throughout theContinue reading “Shifting to an Attitude of Gratitude”

Can I Learn to be Positive?

How do you approach a problem or a challenging situation? Are you one that takes a problem on head on looking for the means of turning it around? Or do things seem to swallow you up when you’re faced with adversity or trials? Maybe neither of those quite fit and you’re somewhere in the middle.Continue reading “Can I Learn to be Positive?”

You be Positive I’ll be Realistic

“You be positive, I’ll be realistic.” Out of all the lines in Home Alone, this was the one I chose to quote throughout my childhood. I wouldn’t say I was pessimistic really I was pretty upbeat and the world’s cheerleader most days. It was more about, if you have low expectations your likelihood of beingContinue reading “You be Positive I’ll be Realistic”