Can you Hack Trust?

Building trust is like making Mac & Cheese. (Obviously one of the great adages of our time.) You can go the instant route and it will check all the boxes but in the end its just not right. Slow and steady carefully working in each step is the only way to make it just right.Continue reading “Can you Hack Trust?”

All Things to All

I have mentioned before that I am most comfortable when performing a role. If I can put on a specific hat and move forward from there that is when I am in my sweet spot. If I know that right now I am supposed to be a supporter, then I will let you lean onContinue reading “All Things to All”

Defining the Relationship

I have often said that being married is nothing like living together. I have literally never heard another person who agrees with me so I’m not surprised when people hear that and respond with a confused, ‘why?’ My answer is always the same, the fights are better when you’re married (and I don’t mean theContinue reading “Defining the Relationship”

Thriving in Uncertainty: Part 2 Leading Others

I wrote a prior blog post about thriving through the uncertainty the world has to offer but from the individual perspective. However this is a leadership blog and while I do think it is important to put your own oxygen mask first, I also know that we don’t get to stop there. As a sideContinue reading “Thriving in Uncertainty: Part 2 Leading Others”